Weekly Dispatch

The Dispatch

Mar 20-Mar 26 Check online calendar for more details.

MON:   7pm Magic Modern $5

TUE:    7pm Magic Booster Draft $10 /Magic Legacy $5

7pm Force of Will casual play night.  Free Millenia of Ages pack to all players

WED:   7pm Table Top Game Night

7pm D&D Adventurer’s League

7pm Magic Modern $5 /Modern Masters 2017 Draft $30 (3 rounds)

THU:   6pm Heroclix Falcon & Young Avengers “couples” Tournament $5

7pm Magic Commander $5

            7pm Pathfinder RPG (beginners welcome)

FRI:     1pm FNM Modern Masters 2017 Booster Draft $40 (1 pack per win)

            7pm FNM Standard $5       

8pm FNM Modern Masters 2017 Booster Draft $30 (3 rounds)

SAT:    10am Pokémon League $5

Noon D&D Adventurer’s League

1pm Magic Modern Masters 2017 Booster Draft $40 (1 pack per win)

6pm Star Trek Attack Wing OP Tournament $10

7pm Force of Will New Frontier Constructed $5

7pm Magic Modern $100 Store Credit $10

SUN:  1:30pm Magic Modern Masters Booster Draft $40 (1 pack per win) 

Upcoming Events:

April 1 Grand Prix Trial Las Vegas Modern Masters Sealed $60

April 22-23 Magic Amonkhet Prerelease $25


April 29 Table Top Game Day