Weekly Dispatch

The Dispatch

Feb 13-Feb 19 Check online calendar for more details.

MON:   7pm Magic Modern $5

TUE:    7pm Magic Two-Headed Giant Valentine’s Day (win a dinner for two at Louie’s) Sealed booster format $20

7pm Force of Will casual play night.  Free Millenia of Ages pack to all players

7:30pm Love Letter Tournement (win a dinner for two at Louie’s) $5

WED:   7pm Table Top Game Night

            7pm D&D Adventurer’s League

7pm Magic Booster Draft $15

THU:   6pm Heroclix Spider-Ham $5

7pm Magic Commander $5

            7pm Pathfinder RPG (beginners welcome)

FRI:     1pm FNM Standard $5

            7pm FNM Standard $5       

8pm FNM 2HG Sealed $30 per team

SAT:    10am Pokémon League/Tournament $5

            10am DBM Miniatures Tournament $20

Noon D&D Adventurer’s League

1pm Magic Aether Revolt Booster Draft $15

6pm Force of Will New Frontier Constructed $5

6pm Star Trek Attack Wing Yesterday’s Enterprise $10

7pm Magic Standard $10

7pm Infinity casual play

SUN:  Star Wars X-Wing Tournament $5

1:30pm Magic Booster Draft $15

2pm Dice Masters Prime Constructed $5


Upcoming Events:

Feb 23 6pm Heroclix Deadpool & X-Force Prerelease $25

March 4 7pm Force of Will Dragon King Prerelease $15

March 10-12 TwisterCon at the Reed Conference Center (Midwest City)

March 18 Dice Masters Pro-Dice Circuit Draft Tournament $20


April 22-23 Magic Amonkhet Prerelease $25