Weekly Dispatch

Sept 18-Sep 24 Check online calendar for more details.

MON:   7pm Magic Modern $5

TUE:    7pm Magic Booster Draft $10

            7pm Force of Will casual play/tournament.  Free booster to participants.

            7pm Magic Legacy Constructed $15 (dual land prize)

7pm Commander $5

WED:   6:30pm Delve board game demo

7pm Table Top Game Night

7pm D&D Adventurer’s League $2

7pm Magic Booster Draft $15

THU:   6pm Heroclix Titano Colossal OP $10

7pm Magic Commander $5

            7pm Pathfinder RPG (beginners welcome)

            7pm Star Wars Destiny $5

FRI:     1pm FNM Standard $5

7pm FNM Standard $5

8pm FNM Booster Draft $15

Midnight Ixalan Prerelease $25

SAT:    10am Pokémon League $5

11am Magic Ixalan Prerelease $25

Noon D&D Adventurer’s League $2

6pm Star Trek Attack Wing Chron Chaos $5 ($10 w/booster)

7pm Magic Ixalan Prerelease $25

SUN:   11am Magic Ixalan Prerelease $25

            Noon Magic Ixalan 2HG Prerelease $25

5pm Magic Ixalan Prerelease $25

Upcoming Events:

October – Wed night Standard Showdown/StarCity Game Night $10

Oct 6-7 – Xtra Life Charity Game Weekend

Oct 7 Magic StarCity IQ Modern $30


Nov 11 – Magic PPTQ Standard $30